Summer “Leap List”

Summer "Leap List"

I recently saw Honda’s new commercial for their new CRV in which a spritely young lass travels the country, taking photos in a different t-shirt in every state she visits, crossing off states one at a time from her “leap list.” Being the curious cat that I am, I had to Google leap list to find out more…and loved what I found!

A leap list is sort of like a bucket list, but with a shorter time frame. It’s basically a list of things you’d like to do/see/try before your next big milestone (i.e. turn 40, have another child, etc.). I thought this was a really fun concept and definitely took the ambiguity out of a bucket list, putting more urgency to experiencing the things that drive your curiosity!

Since my new job allows me to be home with the kids during summer, I thought this would be a really fun thing to do with the kids. I’m in the midst of creating our own leap list, which includes fun things like playing in the rain, hand out balloons to people at the park, go to a drive-in, and wade in a creek.

In my travels to find fun, age-appropriate ideas I came across the amazing The Happy Family Movement website. It’s all about loving each other, creating a caring home environment, and have super fun adventures together. AWESOME! Their tagline is “Go ahead. Cut Loose. Live out loud. Love a lot.” EVEN MORE AWESOME! They host an annual Summer Bucket List Challenge, so of course I had to sign up!

Whether your list is a bucket or a leap, I dare you & your family to join in the summer adventure and create a list of exciting things to try. Can you handle the challenge?


OTmama is written by Molly Whipple Harris, MS, OTR/L – an occupational therapist specializing in sharing strategies for designing a balanced, healthy, wellness-driven lifestyle for the modern mother and family. OTmama can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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